HQ Basic Wash Kit

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Our basic wash kit was carefully curated by selecting (and testing) our favorite products from hundreds of different options. This kit includes the minimum necessities for what you need to get started cleaning your car at home. Our Wash Kit systems are made to always be upgradable without you ever having to replace something you've previously purchased, so when you decide to move on to our Enthusiast Wash Kit, you won't be replacing anything you see here, only adding to it. 

This kit includes the following items: 

  • Blue 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Red 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Blue Grit Guard
  • Red Grit Guard
  • 1 Gallon P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo
  • 16oz P&S Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner
  • 16 CarPro EliXir Quick Detailer
  • EZ Detail Wheel Barrel Cleaning Brush
  • Wheel Face Cleaning Brush
  • Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt
  • 24 Pack 16"x16" 350gsm Microfiber Towels
  • The Rag Company Gauntlet 15"x24" Microfiber Drying Towel 

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